Michael: Dan from slowmoguys is in our kitchen, right now.

Ryan: And terrified. He’s vulnerable.

Michael: He’s scared cuz he can’t find his Gavin. He’s like a lost puppy.



Don’t worry Gavin Free I had Adam Ellis help me move your desk.


Geoff laughing at Jack’s inability to grenade anything.

ill never stop making jack and geoff gifs.
ill never stop
i dare you to say one bad thing about jack and how unfunny he is i DARE YOU,

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matching mavin icons! /o/ been a while since ive done matching icons hhh there might be a joelay one but im not making any promises

"Every time! Where do you think the fucking fanfics come from?"

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Matt Hullum is one of my favorite people.

He’s great to talk to, great to drink with, and is eternally grateful to the Rooster Teeth Community.  I almost cried when he introduced me to his friends with “Mary and Chris are the people who run RTX”.  He said last year of our Guardian orientation speeches as “Wow. You guys. That was POWER OF GOD awesome!”  He’s given me so much praise over the last 4 years…I cannot say enough wonderful things about this man and how thankful I am that I get to work with/for him albeit only a few times a year.

I can think of no better person to be in charge at Rooster Teeth.

RTX 2011 - singing “Forge World” and  ”Sarge’s Blues” live for us under the beer tent.

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VS 58


just a little mavinsay to cheer me up. pretend michael is standing on his tiptoes, haha. c:

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Moving day for @achievementhunt

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